Me, My SHAPE, and I

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle Since I was a kid, people around me would always remind me to know myself. And that means knowing what I want to be when I grow up. Before, I admit that is was very easy for me to decide what I want to be […]

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Are Gadgets Essential?

The improvement of technology nowadays became a big factor in education. We all know that schools and even universities offer e-learning gadgets for students in exchange for books. In that way, students may easily access their lessons and assignments as well when they immediately need it. People say that it is more convenient for students […]

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A Glimpse of the Past

Every time I encounter something about the past, I always feel uncomfortable. Is it me or it’s really weird to see remains of past events wherein it’s still visible and even touchable by now. A chance was given to me to admire these memories and I can say that I pretty much appreciated it all. […]

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Quite an Experience

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”      Last Saturday, we, the Grade 11 students had a local immersion held in three places: San Sebastian Cathedral, Purple Beetle Café and Casa De Segunda. We had this immersion to appreciate different kinds of art and architecture in our place. The class also showcased their […]

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A Journey To Be Cherished

It is seldom nowadays for students to finish their studies in just one school. I am confident to say that I am one of those students who stayed because of the unique curriculum of this institution. Stonyhurst Southville International School has been my home since I was young. This institution was an unexpected choice from […]

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